There are some things we should tell our children. For instance, that failure is a great opportunity.

You fall, you get back up. That’s how you learn. Not otherwise.

We should tell our sons that if they cry, they’re not sissies. And to our daughters that they can wrestle and make ugly faces without being tomboys.

We should tell them that boredom is quality time for yourself. That we all have terrifying thoughts, and they need not be ashamed about them.

We should tell them that death exists, but so does magic.

We should tell our children that wedding days are not the happiest days of our lives. There are good days and bad days. And they are all valuable.

That they must learn to just be. Pain can and will subside.

We should tell our sons they are not Prince Charming and they don’t need to save anyone. And our daughters that no one will save them, if not themselves. Otherwise women will continue to die and men will continue to kill.

We should tell our children that there’s always time, until there isn’t any more. And when we realise it, it’s usually too late.

We should tell them there are no winners or losers, life is not a battle.

We should tell them that meanness exists and it’s inside all of us. We need to get to know it in order to control it.

We should tell our children that a mother and a father aren’t always a safe haven. Some lighthouses can’t shine.

That we are nothing without others. Nothing at all.

That it’s okay to feel sad. Suffering pushes us onwards. And sooner or later, it goes away.

We should tell our children that they can live a happy life even if they don’t reach success. Maybe even happier.

That it doesn’t matter if they fulfil their desires, as long as they keep desiring. Until the very end.

We should tell them they can be happy even if they never marry or never have kids.

That the world needs their commitment and devotion to become a beautiful place to dwell in.

That poverty exists and we need to take responsibility for it.

That they can be whatever they want. But not at all costs.

That it is possible to forgive. Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to move forward together.

We should tell our children that they can leave and go far away. So far we can’t see them anymore.

And that we will be right here. Whenever they want to return.

(translated by Marina Petruzzi)

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