Kids know when their mom and dad don’t love each other anymore. They know it beforehand. They go below deck and wait for the storm to pass or for something to change.

Kids know that when their mom fills up her schedule, it’s also to get away from them for a bit. And they forgive her, most of the time.

Kids know they are the only real unconditional love there is.

They know that if they only get Yeses they won’t be happy as adults. They look for Nos all the time.

Kids know there are positive role models they can learn from besides their own moms and dads. Thank goodness.

There are many mothers and many fathers in the world. Sometimes, the best of them have no children.

Kids know that at some point they need to hate their mothers and fathers in order to separate from them.

Kids are extremely conservative. And they always save us.

They know that everything is always better with a sibling. That love doesn’t divide, it multiplies. There’s enough for everyone.

They know there are bad mothers and fathers, but they love them anyway.

They know that no divorce will ever be fully accepted, but they quickly grow accustomed to the adult world.

Kids know that sometimes, they need to go far away to be able to love us. Some stay, and they do so only for us.

Kids know what care is and they require it. But they also know how to do without.

Kids know that you learn love by witnessing it.

They know that words without actions are worth nothing.

They know that the world moves fast and that we need to give them space to slow down. Instead, we line things up for them.

They know objects are just objects. More than we do.

And we don’t fool them by always giving in.

Kids know they need to test us all the time to help us feel that we’re doing it right.

And they know we don’t always get it right, but when they’re little they love us as we are.

We have time to make them grow into happy adults, but not too much time. Maybe we should remember this more often.

 Translated by Marina Petruzzi

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  1. Scusa, oltre a ringraziarti per ciò che scrivi, vorrei chiederti una spiegazione tecnica, che anche io sto progettando un mio blog e raccogliendo info. Vorrei sapere: la traduzione in inglese dell’articolo è tua, o la propone la piattaforma? Grazie e buon lavoro. Silvia